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 What do we need to wear?

 "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." 


  • A bag labelled with your child's name as well as labelled items of clothing & other possessions
  • Jacket/ Waterproof coat 
  • Waterproof trousers/ dungarees or splash suit
  • fleece/ sweatshirt
  • long trousers- NOT JEANS- very uncomfortable when wet and take a looooong time to dry!
  • Stout shoes,wellies or boots that can be worn with 2 pairs of socks
  • spare socks (if the above get wet)
  • an emergency change of clothes, carrier bag for dirty/ wet clothes
  • Woolly hat
  • gloves
  • bottle of water

During warmer weather and in addition to the above:

  • sun hat
  • sun cream
  • Bottle(s) of water
  • Lunch/ snacks

Even in the summer it can still rain. Always pack waterproofs.   In April it is possible to be burnt from the sun and be snowed on, all on the same day.


Parent/ carer & child sessions- You may also want to bring a buggy or sling to Forty Hall Farm as it's a bit of a walk from the carpark to the wood for little legs.  The walk is solid under foot from the car park to the farm gate but it becomes  uneven after the farm gate.  While the weather is fairly dry, the farm tracks are relatively easy to push a buggy.

 What if the weather is bad.  Will the session be cancelled?

 Forest school happens come rain or shine!  Sessions will only be cancelled in high winds, or electrical storms or other extremes deemed unsafe, such as extreme icy travelling conditions.  I will endevour to try and let you know the night before via our Facebook page  and email but sometimes the decision might need to be made in the morning, on the day.  In this case, I will call or text you as well.  Any missed sessions will either be rearranged, credited to the next term or refunded.  We have both temporary and semi permanent shelters on site.

What age is Twiggles Explorers parent/ carer & child suitable for?

"Forest School for all" is the motto coined by Sara Knight.  Children, adults and babies can all benefit from being  in the great outdoors.  Most children start to become involved in Forest School activies when they are walking confidently.  18 months is normally a good time to start but every child is different. Some may be ready before this and others after.

Are there toilets available?

At Forty Hall there are public toilets near the house and cafe. Should you or your child be caught short however, there are also toilets on the farm site, very close to the Forest School site.  You can of course use nature's toilet outside of the Forest School boundary rope, but only for watering the plants.  

 How do I sign up for the term for parent/ carer & child sessions?

Sessions are usually arranged in six week blocks.  You need to register using the Twiggles Explorers Booking form.  If a place is available, I will send you confirmation.   You only need to submit the booking form once, unless any details change. Please also ask me for another medical form, should it need updating.  You just need to let me know by week five if you wish to register for another term. If any additional adults or siblings wish to join you for one week, another Booking form will need to be submitted as well as additional medical forms.

What other kinds of sessions do you provide?

I am a freelance Forest School Practicioner and can provide sessions for groups at some of my locations or on a site of your choice such as your own nursery or school grounds.  Forest School does not have to take place exclusively in a woodland. It could be the corner of your school field or any other outdoor area. Please contact me using the contact form to enquire about private sessions.


We also now run Holiday clubs.  Look out for weekend events too!

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