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 Woodland Adventurers Holiday Club

Come and explore all the things we do at our holidcay club, from lighting your own fire making your own pencils, team games, den building, bug hunts, hanging out in hammocks, swinging on trees, nature arts and crafts and more. 


Enjoy outstandingly beautiful woodlands with den building, team games, outdoor arts and crafts including basic woodwork and building structures.


*Age range:   Children who are  5.5 to 11 yrs old  (years 1-6). From July onwards, we will accept, reception children who will be going in to year 1 in September 2024





Join Mel from Twiggles Explorers and let your children come and create some lifetime memories in the woods at Woodland Explorers Holiday Club.


Managing Director

Twiggles Explorers

A lover of the great outdoors and all things nature, she's enthusiastic and a problem solver. This gal likes a challenge. Whether it's building or making something or solving the occasional conflict. Melissa has recently discovered a new love of outdoor storytelling.


Melissa manages the Broxbourne sites for Holiday Club.


-Level 3 Forest School Practitioner

-Forest School First Aid


-Safeguarding L2


-QTS Primary Education




Equally loving of the great outdoors, what this gal doesn't know about herbs & plants!  Charlotte is really interested in the therapeutic benefits of getting people outdoors.  


-Level 3 Forest School Practitioner

-Safeguarding Level 3

Forest School First Aid





What others have said...

I asked L if she enjoyed forest school and she said "I loved it!" and was very excited to show me her bracelet making. I don't think she has ever been this excited about an activity before! Thank you (and your team) so much for giving her such an enjoyable couple of days, I know that the experience will stay with her.

Aug 2020

B had an amazing time at Twiggles yesterday, the first thing she said when I picked her up was "can I come again!".  That's a pretty good endorsement I think! 

Aug 2020

What our assistants have said....

This is one of the best forest schools I've ever had experience of.  It is the most child-led.


K, Holiday Club Assistant



Dates, times, prices & locations                                              2024

***Please ensure you check the venue as we run holiday club from  different sites***


Broxbourne, Herts

2nd & 3rd April 2024

5.5 to 10 years old*

*We can only work with children  who are currently in years 1 to 5

From July 2024 we can accept children who will be going in to year 1.

Standard Price: £35

Terms and conditions apply.  To book either date and/ or to find out further info, use the link below. 

BOOK NOW for Broxbourne



What happens at Holiday Club?

We aim to help your child build friendships and raise their confidence and self esteem in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Your child will be informed of our rules and boundaries.  We'll play some welcome/ teambuilding games and there will be planned activities and games throughout the day that your child can take part in if they wish.  We encourage as much child-led play as possible but we will always have planned activites to keep children engaged and make for an exciting day. 


Sometimes we might plan our sessions around collective interests, other times the seasons and what's happening in the woodland at the time.  Your child may join in as much or as little as they like.  We never force children to do any of our planned activities but we will make every effort to cater for their interests on the day.


Just some of the available activities:

  • Shelter building
  • team building/ sensory games
  • building structures- rope swings, ladders & climbing frames
  • nature arts & crafts
  • Flora & fauna identification & nature walks
  • mud kitchen
  • stories & songs
  • bushcraft skills
  • woodcraft skills
  • basic woodland management and conservation- for kids!

All bookings are made online. 


Places are limited and go quickly, don't delay!  

What more do we need to know?


Holiday Club takes place in all weathers including the cold and wet. Children should bring plenty of layers to keep them warm.


Cold/ Winter: Put them in boots with 2 pairs of socks & waterproof trousers & coats in case of muddy puddles & streams.


Warmer weather/ Summer:  Trousers and long sleeve tops and still include some warm layers. It can feel cold in the woods.  Additionally we recommend long trousers and tops due to biting insects and nettles. Trainers are fine, unless it's going to be wet- then wellies.  No shorts, unless you want your child to be eaten by insects or stung/ scratched by vegetation.


-Bring SPARE  "everything"  CLOTHES in a carrier bag

include extra socks and chuck in some extra shoes if it's going to be wet!  

You don't want us calling you to bring more clothes if you child gets cold/ wet


-Please bring a DRINK, LUNCH & SNACKS  (Freeze your waterbottles for a hot day)
We won't be sharing our lunch with anyone with all the energy we'll be using to keep everyone entertained!  

t's important children have some extra snacks as they'll be extra hungry too throughout the day from all the excitement! We will currently only be providing water if children run out.  We are a NUT FREE club.


Cold weather Option: bring a hot flask of something they like- herbal tea or soup. Nothing like a bit of warm food if it's a cold day!

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